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1897 Pattern Infantry Officer's Sword by Wilkinson No 35844 for 1898 with Patent Solid Hilt

Description: The nickel plated blade is in good order with just some very slight blemishes and loss to the plating. It has been sharpened in accordance with regulations prior to active service. There is some slight degradation (wear) to the plating on the interior of the guard but otherwise it is in good order. The wiring to the patent solid hilt is present and undamaged (it is missing on many swords with this type of hilt) and there is just some slight corrosion to the back strap and the pommel.

The leather service scabbard is complete and in good order, with what is probably a repair that is contemporary with its service life. It has seen a lot of use and carries a lovely polish overall.

Provenance: Originally owned by Air Commodore Arthur Lowthian Godman CMG DSO. His career can be summarised as follows:

b: 20 Sep 1877 r: 25 Feb 1931 d: 26 Jul 1956

CMG – 1 Jan 1919
DSO – 4 Jun 1917,
JP, DL (North Yorkshire) – 19 Dec 1951.

(Militia): – 2 Lt: 27 May 1895.

(Army): – 2 Lt: 4 May 1898, Lt: 17 Nov 1900, Capt: 16 Jan 1906, (T) Maj: 8 Aug 1915?, Maj: 3 Mar 1916, (T) Lt Col: 1 Aug/16 Jul? 1917.

(RAF): – (T) Lt Col [Maj]: 1 Apr 1918, (T) Col: 3 May 1918 [1 Apr 1918], (T) Brig-Gen: 5 Jun 1918, Wg Cdr: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918], Gp Capt: 30 Jun 1923, (H) A/Cdre: Retained.

27 Nov 1895: Officer, 3rd Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment),

4 May 1898: Officer, The Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment),

xx xxx 1904: Officer, Military Intelligence (Somaliland Expedition 1904-05)

3 Mar 1913: Adjutant (attached to General Staff), Officer Training Corps 6 Apr 1915: GSO III, War Office 4 Aug 1915: GSO III, 21st Infantry Brigade.

27 Nov 1915: Staff Officer, RFC (graded as a Staff Captain)

3 Mar 1916: Brigade Major, RFC. 1 Apr 1918: Colonel i/c Administration, HQ No 2 Area. 8 May 1918: Colonel i/c Administration, HQ South Western Area. 5 Jun 1918: Brig-Gen i/c Administration, HQ South Western Area. 1 May 1919: Chief Staff Officer, HQ South Western Area. (Graded as Brig-Gen) 1 Aug 1919: Awarded Permanent Commission as a Lieutenant Colonel 1 Aug 1919: Wing Commander (Admin), HQ South Western Area.

15 Sep 1919: Admin Staff, HQ RAF Cranwell.

1 Nov 1919: Staff Officer 1st Class, RAF Cadet College.

xx Apr 1920: Assistant Commandant, RAF College.

19 Jan 1923: Air Staff, HQ RAF India.

2 Jul 1924: Commandant, School of Technical Training (Men).

26 Jan 1925: Deputy Director of Manning.

25 Feb 1928: Commandant, Electrical and Wireless School.

xx xxx1938: Northern Area Deputy Commandant, Observer Corps.

xx xxx 1939: Northern Area Commandant, Observer Corps (ret’d) (until 1943)

He was the son of Colonel Arthus Fitzpatrick Godman and was born in the small village of Smeaton in East Yorkshire. He took part in the Somaliland Expedition of 1904, with the mounted Infantry. Serving at Ypres, he was severely wounded on 30 October 1914.

Whilst Commandant of the Electrical and Wireless School, he oversaw its relocation from Flower Down to Cranwell. Retired at his own request.

Price: Final sale price withheld

Catalogue No: ES0080

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